The Tempo Way

At Tempo Financial Advisors our approach is client-centric. From our fee-only business model and quantitative investment strategies to our transparent investments and clear communication, we put our clients’ needs and interests first.


We create a business environment that enables and fosters maximal objectivity. Steps we take to create this environment include:

  • As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) we are compensated based solely on assets under management. Our fees grow only if your account grows.
  • As opposed to brokers, RIAs do not receive commissions for any of the investment products we recommend. This allows us to select investments based on merits only, and not on how much we will receive in compensation.
  • We do not pay other professionals for referrals. This ensures that they recommend us based on their confidence in us rather than any compensation they would receive.
  • When we refer you to other professionals (accountants, insurance brokers, estate planning attorneys) we will not accept any compensation from them. Our only motivation is to find you qualified, objective experts.

Our Investment Philosophy

We tailor each client’s portfolio to their unique set of circumstances: age, time horizon, tax status, appetite for risk, type of investable assets (taxable v. retirement), earning potential, and income needs among other considerations. Ultimately, all investors want to see their investment portfolio grow. At Tempo we believe that returns are only one part of the equation – risk is the other part. In investing, reward and risk are inexorably linked; generally speaking those seeking above average returns must accept above average risk, while those unwilling to accept average risk must settle for below average returns. At Tempo we attempt to tip that equation in our favor by reducing risk at each level of expected return. At the center of risk reduction is diversification, which is a cornerstone of our investing philosophy. We accomplish diversification in a number of ways:

  • We invest in a broad selection of asset classes. Investing is much more than a simple stock/bond/cash decision. Within each broad category there are many sub-categories. We evaluate each on an ongoing basis not only in terms of risk/reward characteristics, but also in terms correlations to each other and relative attractiveness.
  • We invest in no-load mutual funds, load-waived mutual funds, and exchange traded funds. These pooled investment vehicles offer professional investment management as well diversification among hundreds if not thousands of underlying securities (stocks, bonds, etc.).
  • We offer three distinct investment programs, each with its own risk/reward profile. Depending on your needs and circumstances you may invest in one of these programs, a combination of two programs, or all three.
  • In addition to our in-house managed accounts we partner with a select group of sub-advisors who offer investment styles that complement our own. Tempo Financial Advisors performs an in-depth evaluation of these partners before developing a relationship with them. We monitor and evaluate their strategies and performance on an ongoing basis to ensure that the sub-advisor continues to provide value to our clients.